Trying Weight Loss just by drinking Tea?

Trying Weight Loss just by drinking Tea?

Trying Weight Loss just by drinking Tea?

Not going to happen!!!:)) It will HELP your weight loss, only if you are determined to loose your weight by exercising, eating healthy, not putting your self through excessive stress. But if you will just simply sit and drink Tea for Weight Loss and watch TV, you will not see the results you are hopping to for.

Am going to list some of the things that usually Tea for Weight Loss will help you with.

Boost Metabolism

These days most of us know, that Metabolism is a key to Weight Loss. It’s not how many calories you eat; it’s how good your Metabolism is, because that is what’s going to burn most of those calories. So, all the weight watch systems tell you to eat the Metabolism Boosting foods, and that is true! One thing that Weight Loss tea will do is exactly that, it will boost your Metabolism, and it will boots using NATURAL ingredients – herbs.

For example, herbs like yellow rocket, heart’s ease and couch-grass will activate your Metabolism.

Suppress or Decrease Appetite

One other important factor that Weight Loss Tea usually have, are the herbs that will suppress your appetite. That means that you might not want to eat as often or as much as you would usually do. Following herbs that are usually found in the Weight Loss Tea to suppress appetite is Crane’s bill and grape leaves.

Enhances Kidney Function

Usually Weight Loss enhances Kidney function, that is why some of the Weight Loss Teas sometimes would have an herbs in a tea that your help the kidney functions. One of the herbs that help the kidney function is Oval-leaf knotweed

Here is how you would usually prepare herbal tea:

Take 2 tablespoons of tea mixture, pour over 3 glasses of boiling water, and allow brewing for 15-20 min, filtering. For best results use 1 cup of tea 3 times per day 10-15 minutes before meals.

If you don’t like the taste of herbal tea, try mixing it with Green Tea for a better taste.

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