In recent years, the word "detox" appears on the pages of beauty-bloggers much more than familiar to all "diet". Serving the Internet you can find a great number of proposals concerning detox retreats, detox menu or detox street workout. We decided to find out what is detox and who needs it.


Whether we want it or not, our body is constantly overloaded with something extra, whether it is unnecessary pounds or toxins, which may become a real problem in our everyday life some day. Lack of energy, headaches, irritability, stomach problems - first signs that your body needs detox. Toxins - harmful poisons that lurk us everywhere: in poor quality water and food, in the inorganic cosmetics and household chemicals, in the environment (especially if you are a resident of the metropolis), in medicines and even synthetic clothing and furniture. Toxins are considered to be the main reason of most diseases, poor immunity and digestion, dull and dreary look, depression and stress. The thing is that our body have to remove all unnecessary and harmful substances naturally (with the help of liver). But when the body is out of resources, we can help it with different cleanse programs, detox guru and nutritionists, who recently began to spring like mushrooms after the rain. So it is a detox which performs the function of a «reset» button, clicking on which you can run on the natural functions of purification and recovery of the body.


Although there are many programs and methods of purification, they are always based on some inviolable rules - if you follow them, you can lead a real spring-cleaning in your body. These rules include certain diet, avoiding harmful foods and adding products that contribute to - or at least do not hinder - the detoxification process (all sorts of green cocktails and smoothies, fresh juices, green salads, soups, superfood, legumes and grains subjected to a minimal heat treatment), as well as physical exercises, SPA-procedures, healthy sleep, relaxation and minimizing the factors that contribute to pollution of the body and stress. It is also recommended to consume plenty of fluids in the form of water or herbal tea. Under the ban are all semi-finished products made with white flour and sweets, fast food, soda and package juices, fried and fatty foods, meat and dairy products, and sometimes such innocent from the first sight products as potatoes and bananas. In the blacklist you'll also find alcohol, smoking and your favourite aromatic coffee. Your best friends are: chlorophyll, antioxidants, enzymes, vitamins and fiber, your enemies - unhealthy fats, empty carbohydrates, dyes and flavor enhancers, all products containing sugar and salt.

But it's worth it: as a reward you will find endless list of bonuses, among them - getting rid of excess weight, allergies, digestive problems; improved complexion and skin; strong immune system, good mood and energy boost for at least another six months.


1. Preparing for detox can take from weeks to months, everything depends on the initial data and the innate love for green salads and fresh juices. If the latter is not your cup of tea, starting detox immediately is not recommended: the body can simply not cope with the amount of toxins that have accumulated in it, and then the idea of ​​cleansing will have to be pushed on the back burner.

2. While preparing for detox you need to gradually give up the forbidden foods and replace them with recommended products: for example, white bread with whole wheat, white rice - brown, cereals containing gluten - gluten-free.

3. The process of detox itself may last from several days to several months - it all depends on your goals, opportunities and willpower.

4. Finishing the cleansing program takes about a week, during which you have to add the foods you used to eat and watch the reaction of the organism. If you suddenly feel uncomfortable after eating, for example, bread, it is a sign that it is better to abandon it.

5. Best time to start detox - the beginning of spring or fall. According to experts and nutritionists it is the time when body detoxify naturally without too much difficulty.

6. Choose the proper time for detoxification. It means that you shouldn't be distracted by thoughts of impending deadlines, dinners and lunches with colleagues, during which you will be dreaming about the forbidden cup of cappuccino and a croissant. So it is advisable to plan the upcoming detox for the time of your vacation, or at least, for the period free of important or thrilling events that may cause stress and desire to calm it with chocolate and cakes.


1. Detoxification is a natural process in our body, but when we are run out of energy and strength, it’s a high time to help the organism.

2. Popular detox diets and programs will help you to purify the body. You may also visit special events devoted to detox - detox retreats. These retreats are usually held throughout the world in picturesque places, where you just have to enjoy the beautiful views, eat healthy meals and get more useful information about a healthy lifestyle.

3. There are lots of products which may help you to cleanse your body. But remember that only well-balanced diet without harmful foods and healthy habits will help you to change your life and reach the desired result. Spring has already come, so let’s  start!

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