Swedish Bitters helps to remove parasites from the body.

Swedish Bitters helps to remove parasites from the body.

This letter is from a Doctor of medical sciences, gynecologist-infectionist, virologist-immunologist.

I am a doctor in the eighth generation and with 25 years of experience when I first discovered Swedish Bitters herbs 5 years ago. I was very interested to know about the healing properties and benefits of this miracle mix. I began to take the herbal bitters tonic myself and started treating my sick mother with it, who had joint pain and stiffness. After about a year of taking the Swedish herbs mix, my mother began to walk. My hypertension disappeared and my vision recovered.

I began to investigate the properties of Swedish Bitters benefits and giving prescriptions of the tonic to my patients. The results were amazing! My seriously ill patients had positive recovery dynamics after only three months of taking Swedish Bitters. My five-year study of Swedish Bitters uses has shown that it is truly a unique 100% natural miracle remedy. This remedy has properties that can clean the gastrointestinal tract, the spleen, the blood; and a result, cleanses the whole body. Taking bitters for digestion is as well very important. 

Swedish Bitters has bactericidal, antitoxic and antiviral properties, and also helps to decrease the growth of viruses. It’s able not to only slow down, but to prevent the development of viral infections. Swedish Bitters not only affects microorganisms, but it also enhances the process of removing foreign material from the body. It seems to help the body recover from the infectious stress and quickly expel the foreign material.

When cleansing the spleen, it increases and raises the immune system, restores metabolism and increases the level of Immunoglobulin in the body; it increases the so-called specific immunity of certain factors. Swedish Bitters restores the elasticity, strength and flexibility of connective tissue, inter-cartilage fibers, interarticular surfaces, and has antitoxic properties as well as contributes to the regulation of blood clotting processes.

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This is especially applicable in the treatment and prevention of complications after strokes and heart attacks and in the treatment of varicose veins. Remembering that blood coagulability increases with age, and I believe that Swedish Bitters helps if you have high blood pressure. I would say that Swedish Bitters slows the aging process of the body and is useful to everyone.

The Swedish Bitters has unique anti-tumor and antioxidant properties and therefore participates in the localization (restriction) of the tumor process, the purification of cell membranes, the normalization of the respiration processes of cells as a whole, and more precisely in stabilizing the multiplication of cells in our body. Swedish Bitters is an IRREPLACEABLE remedy for the treatment of the endocrine system. It stabilizes metabolic processes and harmonizes the work of the endocrine glands. Therefore, I recommend taking Swedish Bitters to everyone who’s 35 years old or older.

So, is the Swedish Bitters a panacea? The answer is - YES! I have witnessed dozens of my patients recover by bringing their immune system back to normal. It is recommended to take Swedish Bitters according to the prescription of a knowledgeable doctor who will prescribe treatment professionally and individually. The miracle of Swedish Bitters is simple! Swedish Bitters mix has a cure for ailments and diseases of the gastrointestinal tract, hypertension, diabetes mellitus and oncological diseases. It absorbs and removes toxins from the body, normalizes metabolism, cleanses the spleen, gall bladder, liver, strengthens the immune system, restores the central nervous system, restores joint mobility, treats thrombophlebitis, female chronic sluggish inflammatory processes, cysts, fibroids, infertility, inflammatory diseases of the skin, papillomas, warts, pigment spots, furunculosis, as well as holding rejuvenating properties. It almost has no side effects if used as prescribed, unless you are allergic to some of its ingredients.

Sometimes I am surprised that some doctors do not recognize the existence of parasites, trichomonads and etc. in tumors and thrombus. Although there is nothing to be surprised of, they are simply not looking for it! It is very important to understand the following: if you are sick, look for parasites, and get rid of them! To get rid of parasites, nature gave us Bitter Herbs. Swedish bitters plays a huge role in serving as an antiparasitic, antiviral, immunomodulating agent.


In the process of studies, it was discovered that most cancer patients carried F.busri parasite. After the destruction of the parasite and the removal of toxins from sick people, the incurable diseases would disappear. With the spread of industrial food processing, beverages, cosmetics, drugs, people severely undermined their immune system, giving an easy way for parasites to penetrate our body. When parasites enter our body, they immediately begin to fight for survival and become very aggressive. In the cells of trematodes, a substance is produced that stimulates their schizogony - the growth factor (ortho-phosphotyrosine) and parasites quickly grow and multiply, in 24 hours of time they can produce up to 200 thousand eggs. The growth factor released by parasites causes unrestrained, uncontrolled growth of the body cells, where the parasites settle. Cancer is a parasitic disease, diabetes is a parasitic disease, AIDS is a parasitic disease. Myoma, cystoma, papilloma, arthritis, arthrosis, etc., are also caused by parasites.

Parasites weaken our immune system by lowering the release of immunoglobulin. The presence of parasites constantly stimulates the response of our system and eventually weaken our immune mechanism which will open the gate for the bacterial and viral infections into our body. It’s important to understand that synthetic anti-parasitic products DO NOT WORK, they kill parasites only partially and damage our excretory system, whilst these same parasites can quickly adapt to synthesized products. It’s very difficult for the parasites to overcome bitter herbs. Frankly speaking, body cleansing is a difficult and lengthy process, but it's the only way for us to stay healthy! How much time does it take to do a good body cleanse? I'll tell you the secret - one month of body cleansing for every year you have lived! Being healthy is so worth it! Be healthy, and stay healthy!

Some Q and A.

There are some confusion if Swiss Bitters and Swedish Bitters are the same. The answer is - No!

Another question is if Swedish bitters helps weight loss. The answer is - YES. Good immune system, high metabolism, good digestion will always help your weight loss. 

Are there any digestive bitters side effects? There is a whole article on this topic, and it can be found here: Swedish Bitters Side Effects

Is Swedish Bitters alcohol based remedy? - Yes, but it can also be prepared and used as a Tea. Please see more information on this topic here: How to prepare and make Swedish Bitters

Is Sweetish Bitters and Swedish Bitters same remedy? The answer is - No.

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